How To Clean A Camelbak Bladder In 3 Simple Steps

Your Camelbak bladder is getting a little funky isn’t it? And your inner hippie won’t let you just throw it away because that is irresponsible right? The Spud can help you. Read on friends.

The absolutely foolproof and guaranteed method is this… don’t let it get disgusting in the first place! The following are the steps I take to keep my Camelbak bladder getting gross in the first place. By following these steps I’ve never had to toss one out because it got funky.

Step 1:

Store it in the fridge or freezer (just be careful so it doesn’t crack and you’ll have to allow it to thaw before you can open it). This is the easiest option and is my preferred when I am dog tired after a day on the trail or I am using the bladder frequently.

Step 2:

cleaning your camelbak

Blow all the water out of the hose

Dry it out before you store it. After draining the water I screw the lid back on and “blow out” the hose and open the lid while still blowing. Then grab a dish towel and a Camelbak hanger (or raid the closet and make your own out of a coat hanger) and stuff the towel inside the bladder with the hanger. Be sure to get the corners. Finally, use the

camelbak cleaning

Take 2 minutes to dry it out and it won’t get so skanky!

hanger to hang it overnight.

Step 3:

If you think there is still a little moisture in it when you are ready to store it long-term then leave the lid open. If you are worried about dirt, wrap it in a shirt or stick it in a bag. The point is to make sure air can get in to finish drying it out.

If you were too wrecked to bother with the steps above after that killer ride and the funk sets in, then you are going to actually clean it. There are lots of suggestions on the web along with some products you can buy. I prefer simple soap and water… but not too much soap.

Remember, the bite valve can be removed for easier cleaning and a brush works great for the bladder itself. When the hose gets moldy it gets a little tougher. If it is only scuzzy near one of the ends, then just trim a little piece of hose off. If it is throughout the hose then sorry Charlie you are going to have to buy a new hose. Next time follow steps 1-3 above and avoid the funk because the only funk on your next trip should be coming from the James Brown playlist you are rocking!

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3 thoughts on “How To Clean A Camelbak Bladder In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Here is an interesting response from a reader. I think I will give this one a try!

    The best way to take care of your bladder is mouthwash, anytime it even begins to get funky just pour in a couple of ounces of an antibacterial mouthwash. If I dont have time to dry them properly, I put a little in as a preventative measure. If you rinse it enough you can get rid of all the mint taste. Ive done this for years and have an eleven year old bladder to prove it.

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